Do you remember how we had it before, how close we stood and now we're so far apart?

Åh, saknar alla tider med er. Saknar hur nära vi stod varandra och hur vi skrattade ihop. Ibland ville man bara strypa folk, och bara kasta dem i väggen och ibland ville man bara krama om dem så länge att de inte kunde andas mer. Kommer ni ihåg? Hahha, tider alltså. ♥ Love is a big word and I don't use it very often, but now I'll. I love you guys! ♥

Well, everyone has their problems, right?

It's about take and get.

Bild lånad av we♥

I know it's over and it never really began..

Bild lånad av we♥

There's always a song that fits your feelings.

Bild lånad av we♥

Until I die.

Bild lånad av

The only place where "success" comes before "work" is in the dictionary.

Bild lånad av we♥

Even thought it hurts.

Bild lånad av we♥

You're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day.

Bild lånad av we♥

We're free as birds, still we're on the same place.

You will do mistake and you will learn. That's how it works.

Dedicated to you, thank you for being there for me

Nothing else.. just you and me

Well, I'm a brunette ^^

You mean something to me! <3

Yummy, yummy && yummy

Just be you.

Don't be afraid to dance, you dance wonderful

Congratulations Mom <3

To know that you are my mom feels really good.

We have not always been so close to each other when we are todoy.
But now we have come so much closer to each other, and i like it, a lot.

If you not were here then I wouldn't be here where I'm today

You're the best mom, even when I get mad of you.

I love you and I always will.


En dikt som jag har skrivit på svenskan.
Hoppas ni gillar den!

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